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Paul McGuire - Soprano Sax,   Jeff Cedrone - Guitar,
Bob Gorry - Guitar,   Carl Testa - Bass / Bass Clarinet
Anne Rhodes - Voice,    Steve Zieminski - Drums  
Gabriel Kastelle - Viola

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New Haven Improvisers Collective

Avant Progressive Chamber Punk Jazz!

is the debut CD from the New Haven Improvisers Collective.    NHIC is a far-reaching collective of creative musicians forming into a particular group to play particular music in a particular moment.  NHIC is interaction, conflict, and harmony.

The musicians come from jazz, rock, classical, English folk and various experimental backgrounds. The music comes from everywhere.  It grooves, it skronks, it's quiet, it's raucous, it reaches for the sublime and it digs in the dirt. 

Comparisons are difficult, but it might be said to suggest the Art Ensemble of Chicago meeting King Crimson for tea with John Zorn pouring.

The CD is a document of a particular night at Firehouse12 when everything was happening and it was being captured in multitracked detail.

A few notices.

Artsy modern-musical fun.

  - Craig Matsumoto, KZSU, Stanford California
It's really good.  Top Notch
   - Craig Gilbert, Play Magazine

inspired collective intelligence
  - Grego Applegate Edwards, Cadence Magazine
Very, very nice music. 
  - Gérard Viols Radiojazz 34, France
NHIC paints in a sonic form of Cubism that, through invention, fragmentation and rearrangement of form, simultaneously depicts many surprising, even revelatory facets of a piece as it unfolds in real time.
Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant
One of the top 10 releases of 2008
   -David Utevsky: KBCS, Seattle
I’m really pleased with this New Haven Improvisers Collective disc, “Interference.”
  - DaveX, Startling Moniker, Illinois
The New Haven Improvisers Collective is a catalytic force in New Haven's burgeoning music scene  
Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant



1)      Elastic Moods and Paper Shirt Criminals (Cedrone) 5:55
2)      MicroKairos (Kastelle & NHIC)

     3)      Miniature (Testa) 0:34
     4)      NHIC meets the Mummy (Cedrone) 0:33
     5)      Trace Ernesto’s Pensivity (Gorry)            0:24
     6)      Whisper (Zieminski) 0:23
7)      Quantum Decoherence (Gorry) 18:10
8)      9-3-7-1-6  (Testa)       3:43
9)      Straight No Chaser (Monk)              3:18


10)   Beatniks Revolt! (in miniature)  (Cedrone) 0:27   
11)   To Gorge (Rhodes & NHIC)     3:56
12)   Oberek Sokkyo (Zieminski) 6:45
13)   Darkmatter (McGuire & NHIC)    3:35
14)   Gutted and Wired  (Cedrone & NHIC)  4:04
15)   Chords (Testa) 7:00

     16)   Infinity Mirror  (Cedrone)      0:31
     17)   Twain (Gorry)                         0:37
     18)   Coin  (Zieminski) 0:17
     19)   At Least There’s Pretty Lights  (Cedrone) 0:35
20)   Avenue B (Gorry & NHIC)   4:20
21)   Gravity (McGuire)     3:45
22)   Straight No Chaser (Monk)  3:37