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Elm City Guitar Quartet +3
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Piece by Piece

You Wouldn't Understand -  Deconstruction of a perfect rock song.

Marching Out -  The saints are going out out out and celebrating.

The Audacity of Diogenes – The hopeful cynic, with a baton to direct the group towards the search for an honest note.

1924 British Newspaper Curse – Fleet Street has never been the same.

Kappa -  The Kappa have their adventures int he forest.  This short tune combines a fanfare that calls the action with a driving coda to celebrate victory.

Friendship as a Weapon - Trust is really the answer. 

Dualing Duel Duos - Set off in groups to dual Our Electronics lead us to a Space outside of Space, but the interaction is strong and cohesive.

Is It Not - Schoenburg Lurks in the shadows, some of the rows are toned.

Angry Clowns - Am I here to amuse you sweet Charlotte.  Well in a twisted sort of way that's entertainment and that's It.