NHIC Records

Piece by Piece

Schrödinger’s Wolverine -  A concise guide to NHIC and its many moods.  Punctuating Bass starts it out joined for a quick duet with guitar.  Group comes in to mix it and have some fun.  Short contemplation and some driving Thurman's and out out OUT.    More Dangerous than the Cat.  Might be best to just not open the box.

You Me Who -  An insistant theme and weaving  duets, quartets, and sextets with strong percussive underpinnings.

Suspended In Amber – A suite starting and ending with guitar led chamber ensemble.  Many moods of Jazz, prog, and beyond explored in between.

Riff Randell's Revenge -  A tribute to everyones's High School SweetHeart (Rock and Roll High School that is) and her Queen's bred heroes.  To the point.  Guitars and drums out front. 

No Strings Attached - Put those guitars and bass down and listen to the winds, voice and percussion do some wondrous things. 

Roger and Out - Our Electronics lead us to a Space outside of Space, but the interaction is strong and cohesive.

BCS Triac - Guitar, Bass, Drums trio.  There is power here but it is kept under control.

Nordic Lines - Starts out with an americana inspired jam and winds up in a warm dark place.  Good Night