EQ Serious Folly

A few words about the players.
NHIC Records

Group Photo
Jeff Cedrone - Guitar,  Paul McGuire -  Saxophones,
 Steve Zieminski - Electronic Mallet Percussion
  Bob Gorry - Guitar,  Adam Matlock - Accordion, Clarinet

Bob Gorry

From a rock, jazz and experimental music background, Bob has led NHIC through a conduction with Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, a site specific long-form composition at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, and a stream of new music at avant festivals and venues around New Haven.  Also produced the well received debut CD Interference and the new release Inflection as well as the new release by the Elm City Guitar Quartet+3, Crash.

Jeff Cedrone Founder of the art rock trio Greylyng and a major contributor to the NHIC book.  Jeff also records eclectic rock and experimental film scores as Blacklight on Film.

Steve Zieminski
Active in progressive rock and jazz circles and a multi-percussionist.  Studies with tabla maestro Kumar Das.  Steve is an amazing drummer, colorist and composer.  Is a member of Hot Jupiter, Greylyng, and Brett Bottomley's Toy Masheen.

Paul McGuire
A New Haven fixture playing reeds in jazz groups, djembe in percussion groups, and early winds in Renaissance and assorted folk styles.  A long standing member of the Creative Music Orchestra

Adam Matlock Adam is a member of the improv/new music trio Broadcloth, the Elm City Guitar Quartet +3, and is a session musician for the Yale Tango Orchestra. He also records and performs as An Historic, a cabaret-inspired project with a strong Balkan/Eastern European influence, and, a minimalist ambient/acoustic identity known as G. Zarapanecko