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Piece by Piece

1) Serious Folly -  Some faintly familiar Ayler muted guitar fun starts the show, then it veers towards gypsy accordion contemplation before settling into hypnotic group interplay.

2) Many Hands -  Everyone has a say from a slightly different place , then the glock-vibes lead a frantic five way chase with two guitars and two reeds eventually catching up.

3) Intent - Tonality rules in a minor mood.  The soprano saxophone states a beautiful theme that eventually darkens slightly as the proceedings get muddled.  Guitars drench the air with more minor moods and the theme lulls us to dreamland.

4) Infinite Jest – A percussive intro leads to a hypnotic guitar interlock that states the reason for EQ to be.  The group then takes that a step further and explores the space.  Some spindly guitars lead the incandenza.

5) I Am Not The Sun -  A unison theme starts the proceedings that gets more abstractly graphic as the piece unfolds.  The theme comes back and the piece ends with a definite vocal statement.

6) Golden Handcuffs -  Accordion drives this one along with an organ sound from the percussion that eventually dominates

7) Pentup -  Five guys in the round each in his place his beat.  Guitar melodies and accordion support.

8) Make Haste Slowly - Accordion takes its time with guitar support, eventually it all gets minimal in a hurry.

9) Up To Both Ears -  A slightly groovier minimalism with hints of menace in the middle.