NHIC Records
       nhic : atlas    

Piece by Piece

1)    Cross Eyed and Painful – Bass and Drums drive this one with a free pulse.  A solid foundation for pithy trios, duos, and ensemble passages takes the intensity up, down, and sideways.

2)    Perhapsing – A jazz form with a quizzical head and some open solos driven by a strong and playful bass line.  Great Cello work and a hint of Klezmer Clarinet.   Inside the lines, but open wide.

3)    Seven Legged Spider – This arachnid is just a little off balance but it builds a full head of steam and gets where its going with stype.

4)    MJC – A melodic ballad with some beautiful solo sax work to start it off.  The rest of the group joins in to weave strands of the melody together to form a new whole.  A few duets keep the melody below the surface only to come back and bed us down  peacefully.

5)    Atlas – Builds out of the peace of MJC with long tones from bass and sax.  A guitar and cello duel, a clarinet solo, some more fun for all, then bass and cello reminisce into a dramatic cello coda. 

6)    Catbert Sings – New Art Music Grunge from the cubicle. Experimental, intriguing,  exciting.

7)  Ratchet – A rollicking bluesy guitar/bass driven tune with a riff in 3.  Sax takes off and the group mixes it up and stomps it to the end