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Jeff Cedrone - Guitar      Chris Cretella - Guitar       Bob Gorry - Guitar

Guitar Trio E
Goodbye Watson

Three different approaches to the electric guitar combine fearlessly into something unique.  The guitars support and play against each other with different tones but equal weight.  Elements of new art music, minimalism, progressive and punk rock meld into a new sound that is challenging and compelling but accessible as well.

Goodbye Watson captures all of these elements in a collection of original music with compositions from each member of the group along with collective improvisations.   Jeff Cedrone’s epic “Wine Dream” opens the collection with a wild ride through many genres blending seamlessly with recurring melodic themes and harmonic approaches.  Chris Cretella’s new art composition “That Horse You Rode in on Don’t Smell So Good”  showcases the group interplay in some twisty gnarled melodies and breathtaking sonic excursions.  Bob Gorry’s “EC” is a tribute to one of the most important composers of the 20th century.  The title track is a collective improvisation that is this group’s stock in trade.


NHIC is a far-reaching collective of creative musicians forming into a particular group to play particular music in a particular moment.  NHIC is interaction, conflict, and harmony. 


A few notices about G3E and NHIC

Artsy modern-musical fun.
  - Craig Matsumoto, KZSU, Stanford California

Very, very nice music.
   - Gérard Viols Radiojazz 34, France
The New Haven Improvisers Collective is a catalytic force in New Haven's burgeoning music scene  
  - Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant