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Jeff Cedrone - Guitar,  Tom Gogola - Guitar,
Bob Gorry - Guitar,  Christopher Venter - Guitar

Steve Zieminski - Drums, John Venter - Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Adam Matlock - Accordion, Clarinet

Elm City Guitar Quartet + 3

Avant Improv Rock!

is the new CD from the Elm City Guitar Quartet +3

One Night.  Four Electric Guitars on equal footings.  Drums offer pithy comments or urgent demands.  Reeds and accordion hold their own above and below the fray.  Never Ending biblio aural bliss.

There is art, there is noise.  Rhythm and mellowdeee among the spontaneity.  The deconstruction of a perfect rock song starts it up, moving to touch on New Orleans and London with Schoenberg lurking in the shadows.  Some hopeful cynicism eventually bids you goodnight among the comically bitter, wondering if they are here to amuse, that’s it.

There are no obvious words to these songs, but words are everywhere in the mix.  Crash.   A sudden loud noise, a financial meltdown, a computer going down, a much needed rest, an unwelcome guest, fabric for book binding, a low after a high, a cymbal.  Crash.  Kappa is the party at the end of the story of the adventures in the forest.  The Audacity of Diogenes is a timely title with post-post references to spare.  One of the guitars remains agreeably tacit as the kneedle comes out for 3+3+1 on the train.  

Serious Sonic Soul Assault. 


Recorded Live at Never Ending Books.  December 6, 2008

The Elm City Guitar Quartet grew out of the New Haven Improvisers Collective.   NHIC is a far-reaching collective of creative musicians forming into a particular group to play particular music in a particular moment. 
NHIC is interaction, conflict, and harmony.

Here are a few words written abut NHIC and its music.

The New Haven Improvisers Collective is a catalytic force in New Haven's burgeoning music scene  
  - Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant

Inspired collective intelligence
  - Grego Applegate Edwards, Cadence Magazine

Artsy modern-musical fun.
  - Craig Matsumoto, KZSU, Stanford California

Track List

1)  You Wouldn't Understand (Gorry) 3:54
2)  Marching Out (Gogola)
3)  The Audacity of Diogenes (Gorry) 4:41
4)  1924 British Newspaper Curse (Cedrone) 9:15
5)  Kappa (Zieminski) 4:57

6) Friendship as a Weapon  (Cedrone)

7) Dueling Dual Duos (Cedrone, Gorry)

8) Is it Not ( J. Venter)

9) Angry Clowns ( J. Venter) 2:30