NHIC Records
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Piece by Piece

1)     MCE – This is Mayhem Circus Electric.  Free rock improv jazz with a touch of the funk.  Exciting thematic developments, raucous peaks and a twin guitar ending.  Whew!

2)     Protest Reform – A little more structure starting off in a minor tonal mood with some long tone reeds.  Builds to some tense group interplay that gets up up upbeat with some exciting key and guitar features.

3)     Big Primpin – A cool head with increasing liberties taken, then a killer keyboard solo with eventual group improv support.  The cool head then comes back and prevails.  Mostly easygoing.

4)     London Fields – A hard hitting paean to John Stevens and Martin Amis.  It’s in an ever shifting meter of 3 with some interludes of unison peak climbing.

5)     Lubricity – Down and Dirty grind with just enough lubrification to keep it all groooovy.  A mid tempo sort of a workout that will go right to your hips. 

6)     Trio – Djembe & Bass Clarinet slow things down with increasing group support and solo coda.  Nice.

7)     On Three – Starts with an audacious off-kilter stomp into some languid strolling.  Stop time guitar solo with eventual rolling support, ditto for the soprano sax.  Stomp again and out.

8)     Steps – Sometimes giant, sometimes baby.  This is another crazy rocker with a bit of that funk.  Group interplay, new riffs coming and going and developing and coming back.  Funky Bass breaks, Yeah!

9)     Sequential Circuitry  - This one is episodic with quick shifts in rhythm, tonality & style,  each one with a different instrument grouping, including a march rhythm under a bass clarinet / saxophone duet.

10) Success Fail  - Unison rhythm starts it out, to a long toned interlude and sequential guitars add fun.

11) Executioner of the Estate  - A hard riff is gonna fall.  Takes you out with a controlled burner.