MCE Lubricity

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Jeff Cedrone - Guitar,  Paul McGuire -  Saxophones, Steve Zieminski - Drums,
Pete Brunelli - Bass,  Nate Trier - Keyboards, Bob Gorry - Guitar, 
John Venter(seated) - Bass Clarinet

Mayhem Circus Electric

Avant Groove      ---     Jazz!

Mayhem Circus Electric is a raucous improv band that makes excitement out of thin air and develops written themes with a singular purpose.  And just a hint of electric Miles Davis.  Lubricity captures the spirit of Mayhem Circus Electric in mid-flight with sonic celebrations of solid rhythmic invention underneath spiraling themes and counter-themes.   Metallic percussive fury complements exploratory bass clarinet.  Oh Yeah!

MCE takes chances in an aggressive musical exploration, but always gives you something to hold onto.  Sometimes a theme, sometimes just a strand of tonality, always interesting rhythms.  Just when it seems like things might get all abstract on you, the band takes you to a higher level of avant groove. 

Mayhem Circus Electric exploded out of the ever-expanding New Haven Improvisers Collective.
NHIC is a far-reaching collective of creative musicians forming into a particular group to play particular music in a particular moment.  NHIC is interaction, conflict, and harmony. 


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A few notices about MCE and NHIC

Fun and Relentlessly heavy  creative Jazz.
  - Cadence Magazine

Tight Post-Funk Grooves.    The rewards are myriad and exciting.
  - New Haven Advocate

Lubricity has conceptual flair and group dynamic heft.  And they seem to be enjoying every moment of it.  I say bravo to all that!
  - Grego Applegate Edwards

Artsy modern-musical fun.
  - Craig Matsumoto, KZSU, Stanford California

Very, very nice music.
   - Gérard Viols Radiojazz 34, France
The New Haven Improvisers Collective is a catalytic force in New Haven's burgeoning music scene  
  - Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant

It's a wonder that these voices aren't usually heard outside of New Haven environs.
  -Signal to Noise Magazine